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Liked the "free" version so well I bought it!

Unheard of, extremely rare for me to purchase an app but this is that good. Only thing that may be a drawback would be that iTunes says app may slow down iPhone as it needs updating. Hopefully the creator will attend to that soon.

Love it

Ive been able to locate all the feeds Im interested in. Clean and clear.


Hasnt been updated since 2014. Slows my phone. App outdated and it crashes. I paid for this and it crashes? Over and over. Im getting my money back.

Quality scanner

As a retired paramedic, I still like to listen to EMS and central dispatch. This app is Perfect for that. Most areas of the country are covered so for those of you who prefer staying connected to EMS and law enforcement even while on vacation, this will do you just fine.

Time to update app

Bought this years ago, please update


I paid for this app thinking I would get more to listen to than just EMS well nothing changed! Stick with the free app.

It is what it is

I like it. You should buy it.

Record option dont work properly

I like the app but it wont record. I press record gives me option for name of recording but no save option. Please fix!

Great Scanner App

I live in Hendricks Co. IN and can only receive EMS and Fire. Would be nice to be able to receive police calls also, for county sheriff, Avon, Brownsburg, Danville and Pittsboro PD. Also nice to be able to listen to departments across the U.S. Thanks


Great App! I love it. Use it a lot to see whats happening around the neighborhood. I bought the app. To many pop up adds on free version. Very annoying.

Positive Review For Scanner

I am thrilled to have all of the ability and information at my finger tips that is brought to me with Scanner. I, personally, think everyone should have this app on their phone.


This is better than Pandora and Tunein Radio for me. I used each for over a year. Does everything I want. Easy to set up and use. Worth every penny. All in one package.

Excellent application

Very clear audio and lots of systems to monitor. Well done!

Will not reply to email, problems with app

AVOID ! You cannot get a reply when you contact. Problems with paid and free version. I bought when they were offering 50% off and was charged full price, no reply from email to them.

Works great

Works great in Calhoun county Michigan


So easy to use. Opens such a vast amount of stations. In addition to police scans, I enjoy the Old Time Radio station found under "Misc."

I Like It Just Fine

Police & Fire Scanner radios cost a lot. This application is a deal and it works great. A must have for ambulance chasers and thrill seekers alike.

Just perfect !!!!!

Makes me feel a bit safer that I dont think they are coming to my house ! Of course, if they were, I wouldnt know. I bought the pro version. Couldnt ask for anything more but they gave it to you free and in bonuses. Never failed me. Thank you for being an app maker who is truthful. Very rare in the App Store.


Great app! Reliable! Well worth the money

Pretty good

Everything in my city went digital so its nice to be able to listen to at least one agency. Pretty good app.

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