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Police Scanner+ app for iPhone and iPad

4.6 ( 336 ratings )
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Developer: Rego Apps
3.99 USD
Current version: 7.0, last update: 11 months ago
First release : 01 Dec 2011
App size: 67.4 Mb

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The most updated and #1 rated police scanner app now has the most stations available. Upgrade now and gain access to exclusive feeds with new ones added daily. Find out why the new Police Scanner+ app is now everyones favorite app.

- The largest collection of police, fire, EMS, airport, railroad, comedy, talk, and music stations.
- Record stations for future playback and for emailing an mp3 copy to yourself or others
- Set an alarm in the app and wake up to your favorite station
- Listen to our app while you sleep and set a timer to stop the station at a certain time
- View the current artist and song name that is playing
- Run the app in the background and do other things on your device while you listen to the app
- Choose your own background from your photo library
- Chat with other listeners
- Tweet the station and song youre listening to your Twitter followers
- Notifications are enabled to notify you of the current song that the station changed to while the app is in the background
- Save a station to your favorites for quick and easy access
- List and search radio stations by popularity, genre, song name, and artist
- List scanner stations by popularity and location
- Use your devices GPS to easily find stations located near you
- The screen glows blue and red on the bottom to the beat of the music or whenever someone talks
- The rings in the center of the player act as a clock
- Add your own custom stations
- This app is compatible with most iPod/iPhone docks, bluetooth devices, and other iPod devices

Why Upgrade?
- Remove ads
- Get bonus feeds (more airport, music, railroad, weather, and police feeds)
- Police siren (lights & sounds)
- Exclusive stations
- Early access to newly added stations
- Localized police codes
- Download new themes/backgrounds
- Gain access to scanner station archives (listen to recordings from up to 30 days ago)
- Support the indie developer community

Your purchase will directly contribute to the indie app developer community and help maintain our servers. Thanks for your support!

Pros and cons of Police Scanner+ app for iPhone and iPad

Police Scanner+ app good for

No problems. Enjoy listening Christian Instrumental Station to fall aslee with.
Well this scanner app is awesome so clear to listen to, easy to use recommend this everyone.
Great scanner app with bonuses such as a large variety of music, record and a timer function to either turn on or off at a set time. Happy to see this work in my part of Canada where other scanner apps have failed. Could work on more east coast areas, but Im sure it will come. Still has five stars from me.
This is a really really good app and I recommend to all people Who enjoyed listening in on action From the police
Works great love it! The regular channel I listen to was down for a week though however I downloaded another scanner app and it was the same so clearly it was the channel being unavailable not the app mot working. Love the functionality works great, just keep the screen off when listening, it locks on if you dont turn it off and the phone heats right up quickly.
This is the best scanner that Ive found in the App Store And Ive tried quite a few. It also lets you get radio broadcasts globally. Worth the $!

Some bad moments

This is awful. Bought the paid app and for over half an hour it says failed to connect. Reload. Waste of $3
same old channel still not abel to ear lical police this is not a scan dont waste your money
Why did middlesex county ont. CA. get taken off? Thats the only reason I paid for this app... I would like a refund please.
Be aware! This app dont have the police scan for most Canadiens city so dont get rob like me.
many stream url formats are NOT compatible with this app, reason poor coding on excepted stream formats cant use this app, stream compatibility issues, i dont recommend this app. keep getting "stream full" messages on incompatible streams , poor coding on error feed back messages, incorrect error messages, to many bugs. found a scanner that is much better.
I liked this app at first. As soon as I payed for the full app I get nothing. Dont pay for the full version

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